Right-hand Drive Vehicles

Most of the world drives on the other side of the road—Japan is no exception. All vehicles made for the Japanese market are right-hand drive.

Are they safe?

Postal and courier vehicles have been right-hand drive for years. They are as safe as any vehicle that is left-hand drive.


Statistics show that they are no more likely to be involved in accidents as left-hand drive vehicles.


The average driver should get used to driving a manual transmission right-hand drive vehicles in about 5 minutes. Be sure to practice left-hand turns and passing vehicles.


Test driving one in an empty parking lot for a few minutes will be best. It will also be very fun!

Advantages of Right-hand Drive

Increased safety for delivery/service vehicles
Drivers don't have to step out into traffic every time they enter or exit their vehicles.


Easier parallel parking

Because you have clear view of the cars around you and the curb, it is easier to parallel park. This is a big advantage if you live anywhere within a city.

Disadvantages of Right-hand Drive

Drive-through windows will be further
Fast-food drive-through windows are on the other side. You'll find that picking up your order may be a bit tricky, but you shouldn't be eating that food anyway.






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