Why buy a MiniTruck/MiniVan?

Canadians are driving MiniTrucks and MiniVans for many reasons.

A great value that cannot be beaten

Factor in their features and then consider their low cost. No other vehicle can match the value that MiniTrucks and MiniVans offer their owners.
+ Features of MiniTrucks
+ Optional features of MiniTrucks


They're built tough and they'll back you up in the fields, down the back roads, or in the thick of the city.
+ Learn how reliable MiniTrucks and MiniVans are


They are being used in rural areas, urban centres and everything in between. Farms, factories, golf courses, wineries, contractors, (the list goes on...) are all seeing the advantages of switching to MiniTrucks and MiniVans.


A street-legal Japanese 4x4 ATV that runs on regular pump gas, and can haul over 1500 Lbs, for under $10,000 CAD. It's not hard to see why they're selling like hot cakes.
+ How much gas money can you save?
+ Average costs of MiniTrucks




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