MiniTrucks increase efficiency

Bigger is not always better. But efficient is
ALWAYS best.

A single MiniTruck does the equivalent of 2 or 3 other vehicles combined.

Squeeze through tight areas that only quads could go. Legally drive on roads and highways where quads and other ATV's cannot.


Comfortably haul 1500 lbs. through any weather in a fully enclosed cab like a regular pickup truck.

Tired of trips to the gas station?

Every litre of gas takes you 2 to 3 times further in a MiniTruck compared with a pickup truck. Spend more time being productive instead of looking for cheaper gas.

Be in two places at one time

Adding another crew with their own vehicle may help you expand your business—at minimal cost.


A $7000 investment into a low-maintenance, highly fuel-efficient vehicle can be recouped in no time—something not easily done with other vehicles.





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