MiniTrucks For Hunting

MiniTrucks are great for hunting

Drive to the hunt AND into the field, then carry your prize back home—all with the same vehicle.


If you're looking for big cargo space but want something efficient, reliable and cheap, MiniTrucks are for you.

The main advantages of MiniTrucks are:

  • dependable during all seasons and weather
  • tough and can take abuse
  • fuel efficient (approx. 21 Km/L)
    + Read more about how you can save money
  • payload of 1500 Lbs.
  • lots of cargo room
  • light-weight and easy to maneuver
  • low center-of-gravity means confidence on uneven ground
  • low floor height means less lifting
  • 2WD or 4WD all-terrain vehicles
  • street legal
  • right-hand drive (no need to step out into traffic to enter/exit)
  • low insurance rates
  • low purchase cost
  • can paint the truck with camouflage patterns
  • can install lift kits for more ground clearance

If you don't intend to drive MiniTrucks on roads:

  • you have many more options
  • you don't have to stick to the 15 yr rule (you can purchase newer models!)
  • you don't need to purchase insurance
  • you can install ATV tires for extra traction through mud/snow

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