For Businesses

Is your vehicle an integral part of your business or job? Need cargo space but want something efficient, reliable and cheap?


MiniTrucks/MiniVans may be the answer.

Sample Businesses


Food or product delivery

Newspaper and publication


Factories that need to move goods between buildings



Product sales

Equipment repair

Pet related transport

Real estate

The advantages of MiniTrucks/MiniVans are:

  • dependable during all seasons and weather
  • tough and can take abuse
  • fuel efficient (approx. 21 Km/L)
    + Read more about how you can save money
  • payload of 1500 Lbs.
  • lots of cargo room
  • easy to park on-site
  • light-weight and easy to maneuver
  • low floor height means less lifting
  • 2WD or 4WD all-terrain vehicles
  • street legal
  • right-hand drive (no need to step out into traffic to enter/exit)
    + Get the facts on right-hand drive
  • easier to parallel park than left-hand drive vehicles
  • low insurance rates
  • low purchase cost
  • attract lots of attention from passing motorists and pedestrians...guaranteed!

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